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This community amused me to no end. ^_^ So, I just had to join all you people surprisingly obsessed with Canadians, and really, I don't see why. 0_o

I'm Canadian, and hey, I see no big deal. =P Have you heard you Americans? Have guys listened to yourselves? What about your accents? ^_^ You guys have to have them too if we have them. Everyone on this planet has an accent depending on where they're from. You Americans have southern accents, just as you have New Yorker accents and Texan accents. There are more accents in the U.S. then there are in Canada. =P

But, you guys can be as obsessed as you want with Canadians. I will just sit here and smile and nod. ^^ I love you Americans anyways. I have tons of friends in the U.S. Maybe I can make some more.

AND, don't be obsessed with Canadians. We suck. And that's coming from a Canadian. ^_~
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